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What it does?

It offer the possibility to manage a qemu guest via commandline.

The reason to build was to have a simple tool to manage my own qemu guest.

Just to use it for qemu guest to connect to a bridged network.

Howto use it


kvm-admin boot domain_name

kvm-admin status domain_name

kvm-admin status all

kvm-admin monitor domain_name

kvm-admin show domain_name


It's add a bridge to a given bridge from qemu-kvm domain configuration file.

The bridge(s) have to exists. There can individual bridges on the system and each qemu-kvm domain can assign to different bridge. No need to add many script files and scriptdown files. This is set automaticly.

Configuration File Format

The qemu-kvm domain configuration file are placed in the directory 'domains'. The format is taken 1:1 from the command line but separated by new line

To use an qemu-kvm option which doesn't have a parameter you have to use:

 variable = enabled

Global configuration variabales which all qemu-kvm domains should effected, can write in 'config/kvm.cfg' file.


 # have to set the path to qemu-kvm or name
 # the script generate-kvm-option does update the path
 qemu-kvm = qemu-system-x86_x84
 daemonize = enabled
 localtime = enabled

Example output for a qemu-kvm domain:

 # if name is not set it will use the filename as name 
 name = my_guest
 smp = 2
 m = 1024
 # first drive
 drive = file:/path_to_image_or_lvm,[and other options]
 # second drive
 drive = file:/path_to_image_or_lvm,[and other options]
 cdrom = my_installer.iso
 daemonize = enabled
 localtime = enabled

Only one exception exists. This is only for the '-net tap' option. There have to add an option for the bridge.

An example for tap option when using '-net nic':

 # first network interface
 net = nic,[and other options]
 net = tap,bridge=br0
 # second network interface
 net = nic,[and other options]
 net = tap,bridge=br1


It can be downloaded on the mercurial repository on:

via Webbrowser:

 https://hg.kasten-edv.de/kvm-tools (klick on bzip,gzip or zip link)

via mercurial:

 hg clone https://hg.kasten-edv.de/kvm-tools --insecure


Please read the README for further information.


To run the kvm process under a unprivileged user.

Add an user 'kvm' and add this in to the qemu-kvm domain configuration file.

 runas = kvm

For each qemu-kvm domain you can assign an individual user.

When all qemu-kvm domains should run as the user 'kvm' then add this in the global configurations file 'config/kvm.cfg'

 runas = kvm

When is set in 'config/kvm.cfg' the qemu-kvm domain configuration file can override it.


 * extend the installer script 
 * build a init script
 * build an installation routine
 * add possibility to automatic create and delete guest


The ordinary fixes :)