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KVM Forum 2013

The KVM Forum 2013 was held from October 21-22, 2013 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Edinburgh. It was co-located with LinuxCon Europe 2013.

The talks were streamed live via Google Hangouts / Youtube and the recordings were made available immediately after the talks ended.


Monday, October 21st

Time Title Speaker
09:00am Keynote Gleb Natapov, Red Hat
09:15am Modern QEMU Device Emulation Andreas Färber, Suse
10:30am How Closely Do We Model Real Hardware in QEMU? Anthony Liguori, Amazon
11:15am Virgil3D - Virtio Based 3D Capable GPU Dave Airlie, Red Hat
Track 1 Track 2
Time Title Speaker Title Speaker
1:00pm Introduction to z/Architecture and KVM on System z Jens Freimann, IBM Static system partitioning and KVM Jan Kiszka, Siemens Corporate Technology
1:45pm Crossing the Endianness Bridge (Or a Foolish Attempt at Mixed-Endian Virtualization) Marc Zyngier, ARM VGA Assignment Using VFIO Alex Williamson, Red Hat
2:30pm Find Your Way Through the (x86) Firmware Maze Gerd Hoffmann, Red Hat Platform Device Passthrough Using VFIO Stuart Yoder, Freescale Semiconductor
3:30pm Nested Virtualization: Shadow Turtles Orit Wasserman, Red Hat Developments in KVM on Power Paul Mackerras, IBM
4:00pm Nested EPT to Make Nested VMX Faster Gleb Natapov, Red Hat Running Windows 8 on top of Android with KVM Zhi Wang, Intel
4:30pm Lessons learned from OSv Avi Kivity & Glauber Costa, Cloudius QEMU Summit QEMU Community Leaders

Tuesday, October 22nd

Time Title Speaker
09:00am Keynote Anthony Liguori, Amazon
9:15am Effective Multi-Threading in QEMU Paolo Bonzini, Red Hat
10:30am Block Layer Status Report Stefan Hajnoczi & Kevin Wolf, Red Hat
11:15am An Introduction to OpenStack and its use of KVM Virtualization Daniel Berrange, Red Hat
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
Time Title Speaker Title Speaker
1:00pm RDMA Live Migration and RDMA Fault Tolerance Michael Hines, IBM Implementing New Block Drivers: A QEMU Developer Primer Jeff Cody, Red Hat New Developments and Advanced Features in the Libvirt Management API Daniel Berrange, Red Hat
1:45pm COLO: COarse-grained LOck-stepping Virtual Machines Will Auld, Intel & Xiaowei Yang, Huawei Toward QCOW2 Deduplication Benoît Canet, Nodalink Empowering Data Center Virtualization Using KVM Livnat Peer, Red Hat
2:30pm One Year Later: And There are Still Things to Improve in Migration! Juan Quintela, Red Hat Block Device Configuration Done Right Markus Armbruster & Kevin Wolf, Red Hat Kimchi: Simplified KVM Management Adam Litke, IBM
3:30pm Experiments in Enabling Automated Migration Testing Amit Shah, Red Hat High Performance Network I/O for Virtual Machines Giuseppe Lettieri, Ingegneria dell'Informazione: Elettronica, Informatica, Telecomunicazioni Providing Quality of Service for VMs in oVirt Martin Sivak, Red Hat
4:00pm Debugging Live Migration Alexander Graf, SUSE Virtio and KVM Networking: Status Update and Plans Michael S. Tsirkin, Red Hat You Want How Much Space? Virtualisation at Keele, and How Not To Do It Martin Goldstone, Keele University
4:30pm Automatic Memory Ballooning Luiz Capitulino, Red Hat Efficient and Scalable Virtio Abel Gordon, IBM Research Linux Storage Stack for the Cloud Yeela Kaplan, Red Hat
5:00pm QEMU Development and Testing Automation Using MS HCK Anton Nayshtut, Daynix Spice in a 3d World Hans de Goede, Red Hat Trusted Compute Pools Feature in oVirt Gang Wei, Intel Open Source Technology

Wednesday, October 23rd

Time Title Speaker
08:30am Keynote Panel: OVA at KVM Forum: Connecting High Performance End Users with Leading KVM Developers Adam Jollans, IBM; Will Auld, Intel; Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao, NTT Open Software Center; Patrick Fitzgerald, i-Laye
Track 1 Track 2
Time Title Speaker Title Speaker
9:15am Reducing Context Switch Overhead Rik van Riel, Red Hat oVirt Project Update Itamar Heim, Red Hat
10:30am QContext and Supporting Multiple Event Loop Threads in QEMU Michael Roth, IBM oVirt Hosted Engine: The Egg That Hosts its Parent Chicken Doron Fediuck, Red Hat
11:15am QAPI Interface Design: Best Practices Eric Blake, Red Hat oVirt for PowerPC Leonardo Bianconi, Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado
Track 1 Track 2
Time Title Title Speaker
1:00pm Hackathon The Future Integration Points for oVirt Storage and Storage Consumption Sean Cohen & Ayal Baron, Red Hat
2:00pm Hackathon Using oVirt and Spice for VDI Frantisek Kobzik
3:30pm Hackathon oVirt Networking Livnat Peer, Red Hat
4:30pm Hackathon Community outreach - growing the oVirt community and ecosystem Dave Neary, Red Hat


The Youtube channel has the links to all the videos. Live streaming information on the Google+ page.

Session Notes

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